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Carpenter Ants

DESCRIPTION: Often identified by their size as being bigger than most other ants, and white hairs on the abdomen.
Tips for the Homeowner      In this region of Eastern Ontario, carpenter ants are often first sighted by homeowners in the last few days of March and early April.  As the sun strengthens and warms the homes walls,  the ants awaken from their winter dormancy and begin to forage for food.  This is a good time to track them to their colony.  Begin by placing honey lures (small jar lids, or waxed paper with a teaspoon of honey) about the interior of the house against the exterior walls.  The more lures you place, the more accurate the information you will collect.  After a day or so you may begin to observe several ants feeding on one or two of these lures while other lures remain untouched by ants.  One could make the assumption that the carpenter ants are feeding on the lure closest (or at least the easy accessed) to their colony.

Cluster Flies
Cluster flies overwinter in homes, invading in the fall and leaving the buildings in mid April. 
As they often penetrate the walls and attics of homes, the best control method is preventing their entry. 
We offer a two part treatment service beginning in September.   


House Mouse


Bed Bugs